Who is Luna?

Luna is very special, you see. Although every part of her body is proportional to the rest of her, her eyes are the size of the moon.

I plan to calculate all sorts of silly things about Luna.

When calculating, I will follow a few guidelines.

I will use any piece of information about our universe, generally with a link to where I got the information. Since this is just for fun, I will choose reader accessibility over rigor when looking for sources, but avoid using anything too particularly sketchy.

I’ll also have to make up information about Luna just to have a reference for some calculations. I’ll keep a running list of these assumptions on a separate page. When displaying the results of calculations, I’ll use the rules of significant figures. Of course unrounded values will be used in further calculations, not the number displayed in significant figures. Anything I’ve calculated once, I won’t bother recalculating in later posts unless I have a good reason.

Something that might come up often is the proportion of the Moon’s diameter (3.4762*106 meters, using the equatorial radius) to the diameter of the human eye (24 millimeters, or 2.4*10-2 meters). I’ll call this proportion the Lunar Scale Factor:

\( \large \Lambda = \frac{3.4762*10^{6} meters}{2.4*10^{-2} meters} = 1.5*10^{8} \)

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